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Know what you want, but don't have the time to search? Have a vague idea of what you're looking for, but need some expert advice? Think you're doing ok seraching on your own, but could use a little help? If you are any of these, you also know that a good broker can be a great partner when you're ready to purchase a boat. MCA Yachts will take the time upfront to understand exactly what you are looking for and within what price range. Then our concierge search professionals will get cranking on your personalised quest.

We have the experience and know-how to spot a good deal and negotiate a good price. Fill in the form to the right or call us now so we can get started on finding your dream boat!

Here's why We Can Do It:

  • A proven proprietary system for quick tailored and targeted boat seraches.
  • Industry relationships and resources to identify new boats to market, or some even before they are advertised.
  • Market analysts to evaluate fair prices for boats given their make, year, condition, previous usage and resale value. We only show you boats that truley fit your criteria and use/needs.
  • Experience to quickly recognise existing problems and determine repair, replacement or maintenance costs so you get a more accurate financial picture.
  • Ability to negotiate on your behalf for best value.
  • A dedicated management and office support team to help with transactions, documentation, surveys, transport etc. for a smooth, successful purchase.
  • All MCA's licenced brokers are true boaters themselves and many have been captains for years. We have an eye for details - the good and the bad!

Let MCA Yachts help you find Your Dream Boat!

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